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    EFI  Conversion Kit for all -Enderle some Hilborn  Hats  for up to 1250 HP  Holley ALKYDIGGER

    Thumbnail Filmstrip of EFI Conversion Kit for all -Enderle some Hilborn Hats for up to 1250 HP Holley ALKYDIGGER Images

      Purchase EFI Conversion Kit for all -Enderle some Hilborn Hats for up to 1250 HP Holley ALKYDIGGER

      SKU: EFI-Blown-8
      EFI Conversion Kit for all Hilborn-Enderle Blowers for up to 1250 HP Holley ALKYDIGGER



       Fits   Blower Injectors and Enderle Hats  that will fit a 6-71 or 8-71 -10-71 14-71   Blower Opening

      Works with Birdcatcher -Bugcatcher-Shotgun- 6-71E-4 port- Big and Ugly Hilborn 4 Ports 

      * HILBORN 4 PORT AND SHOTGUN CANNOT WORK WITH 3" AND 5-1/4" BUTTERFLIES -  TOO LARGE  Have to be reduced  in size 

      1250 HP with full open 4336 Plate   approx 900 with totally hidden JoeBlo Plate  

      Uses our TPS block that mounts to the hat.

      Uses a hidden injector plate  with 8 injectors  or an external  fuel rail plate *  JoeBlo or TBS 4336  ( Hidden supports around 900 Semi Hidden  1250 hp 

      For E-85 we have to upgrade to a larger pump 

      Recommend a dual Sync Holley or MSD Distributor for EFI   

      EFI Conversion Kit - for Blower Hats  ( using your  Hat injector )

      Uses Holley Technology -  self learning software
      Optional is the plate which goes between the hat and the blower to disguise  the injectors.  * This plate only works on : Bugcatchers, Big and Ugly , Birdcatchers, Hilborn Shotguns, and  Hilborn 4 ports with forward facing butterflies-  All others require the external mounted 8 injector plate . 

      Consists of:

      •  Hidden  or Semi Hidden  injector plate, with  8 injectors, sized based on HP Requirements  depending on HP  
      • 8 Injectors  between 85 and 96 lb    suited for your engine - up to 800 HP on gas
      • Wiring harnesses :
      • 558-308 Main 
      • Sub  558-104 
      • 8 injector harness 558-200
      • Fuel pump  supports up to 1250  hp   Aeromotive    
      • EFI regulator  Aeromotive
      • Fuel filters    1-  60 micron     1- 30  micron  Both -10 AN Stainless    
      • ECU  -   HP  Holley 
      • O2 Sensor 554-100
      • Map Sensor- 2 Bar- 538-13
      • Coolant Sensor- 534-10
      • Air Temp 534-20
      • Throttle Position Sensor 
      • DVD instructions
      • Mounting gaskets for Hat injector  
      • Idle air control motor FS307016 
      • For HP  in excess of 900   you cannot use the completely hidden injection plate, must use the semi hidden  4336 TBS   4 Port Hilborn must use  the 4336 plate  since there is no way to use a totally Hidden plate 

      All you need except supply and return hoses   to convert your Blower Injector ( HAT ) 



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