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    Electric Lean Out Valve - Starting Line Enhancment Converter Helper

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      Electric Lean Out Valve - Starting Line Enhancment or High Speed 6AN Inlet and Outlet




      Electric Starting line enhancer-  Lean out valve -  Helps injected engines stay at wide open longer when staging- 

      Can be used  with trans brake or with a manually activated switch or with electronically activated  rpm switch  .

      This valve is normally CLOSED , 12 v activates it through your trans brake or  manual switch if used as a high speed lean out. 


      Helps launch AND 60 ft. times! 

      Stay staged as long as you need to
      Proudly Made in the USA

      Comes with Jets and jet holder

      .030 .040 .050  .060   pills  or Custom 

      Can also be used as a high speed lean out if connected to a manually operated switch that is not tied in with the trans brake. 


      Adjustable 12V Trans brake activated Lean Out Valve.

      No relay needed- Can be activated with trans brake or any 12 V Switch.

      Designed to lean  the barrel valve down  while wide open against the converter on the starting line.

      Keeps combustion chamber heat high to preserve  HP

      Allows a small amount of  fuel to bypass through an additional jet  so engine will not be over rich,  which helps keeps the combustion chamber temp high.

      This is very important, since if you allow the engine to overrichen on the line and the temp of the combustion chamber drops ,  you can cheat yourself out of  25 to 100 HP depending on the size of the engine. 

      It will probably not gain enough heat  until you are beaten by the car in the other lane.

      Handy for Sprint Cars to activate  during yellow flags to drain out pressure and lean the engine to maintain heat.

      Uses Enderle style pills: Comes with a  .030 .040 .050  pills

      All other Enderle pill sizes available.

      You may specify other sizes if you know what you want.

       Electric Lean out ( Starting line  or use as a High Speed lean out ) Valves

      Just install this between the feed from the shut off and the barrel valve -  Fuel does not travel through it to the barrel valve, rather , this is like installing a main by pass.  It becomes a second by pass that is on while you are activating  the valve, so you tap into the main feed line , and return the other side to the shut off return or back to the tank. 

      The objective is to reduce ( lean out )   the amount of flow that ultimately  gets to the barrel valve.  

      The way it works is to allow  fuel to return to the tank through a jet (pill)  causing the prescribed flow that would normally get to the barrel valve to be reduced  temporally while the valve is engaged. 




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