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Pro Chargers: set up

Assuming you are using the boost referenced flow valve, you will want a small pill in the boost line, maybe a .040 .050 so not much boost will allow that valve to close quickly. We want it to remain open on a procharger for a while due to slow boost building up.

Use an unBlown spool in the barrel valve  due to slow boost build up from idle – so on the pill side the check valve needs to be around 3 lbs.

The top check valve around 30 lbs when using a K Valve.

We  have now started inserting a 3 lb check valve in the hose supplying fuel to the boost referenced valve to stop the gushing of fuel initially to feed it. Originally we fed it direct from the port  outlet – so use  a 6001-3 -6 valve or a 6010-3 -8 valve (3 to 4 lbs pressure).

The idle nozzles generally need to be small – most of the time in the 26 range. We have used 27, 29, and even 30 on methanol.

The power nozzles need to have a 18 lb check valve stopping them from working until around 18 lbs of fuel pressure occurs. We have used 10, 12, 15 and 18 lb on that valve.

Turbo setup:

Same as the Pro Charger above except- since boost comes on quicker from idle use a 12 or 15 lb check valve to open the power nozzles.