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Turn the fuel on

Dribble gas or meth into the stacks with a shampoo bottle or one of our primer bottles

Turn it over with no ignition for few seconds

Turn on ignition, do not open the butterflies yet. Fire it up. (opening the butterflies stops it’s vacuum, and prevents nozzles from dripping) 

Do not stop dribbling the fuel until it runs on its own – 

If it quits when not priming it – Richen the barrel valve a little at a time until it stays running. 

Idle at 1500-1600 is correct.  Never lower than 1200 

When done racing – Drain the tank – put about a gallon of gas in it – put a large pill in the main, maybe .030 larger than normal. Fire it up on gas, let it idle for 15 seconds; you are good to go for as long as you want it to set.  

We have these in -10 -12  to make draining the tank easier.