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How to use Alkydigger’s Leakdown Tester to set your Barrel Valve.

  • Hook the outlet hose to your inlet fitting on your barrel valve.
  • Cap off the other two Brass  check valves.
  • Put air hose with at least 100 psi on to the leakdown tester.
  • Adjust the left gauge to exactly 100 psi.
  • Read the right gauge for what you want the “Leakdown” to be.
  • Make adjustments to the connector rod between the butterflies and barrel until you achieve the desired leakdown %.
  • Open and close several times – making sure that your left gauge did not wander off of 100 psi.
    • If it did, then re adjust the leakdown percent until it is what you are trying to achieve.
    • Richer ( more leakdown)  slows the idle — Leaner ( less leakdown)   speeds up the idle.

Call Alkydigger for suggested percentages for various combinations.