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Casper, Wyoming

Car: 1941 Chrysler

Engine (s)
92 Chrysler Hemi’s
6-71 Blowers

Fuel system: Hilborn Four Ports, by  Alkydigger in Nashville, TN
Support help from Mike Chilando

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Ostrander, Ohio

Mini modified pulling tractor

Alcohol injection. Complete setup by Mike at AlkyDiggers

572 BBC

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Waterford NY

Funny Car –Corvette
500 Cu in KB Hemi
Unblown  -methanol

Fuel system:  Enderle Bird  with help from Alkydigger
Will upgrade to larger injector next year , with luck  !

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City:  Camden, AR

3200 lb Plymouth duster
446 Cu in Big Block MoPar
Hilborn Fuel Injection System  by
Alcohol- Fuel

Car went ½ second quicker after changed from Carb. To Fuel Injection
Runs 6.30’s in the 1/8th mile

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I haven’t had a minute to bring you up to speed. This is the car I bought to put the alky motor in. I finally got it done a month ago. I took it to a mediocre track (close by) hoping it would run an 8.40 and was gonna be disappointed if it didn’t run a 8 .50.

The fumes were so bad in the car I decided to hold it down because I wasn’t gonna try and run it anymore until I could do something with the exhaust.

I had planned to only run it an eight mile. It went 8.08 at 168 mph on the very first pass leaving a 4000 and shifting at 6500. Took it to a good track the following weekend. I could tell it was shifting way too early so I moved it up to 7000. I went 7.81, 7.82 7.82 and 7.803 on the last run at 172 mph.

Last night I took it to another track for my son to make his licensing runs and it went 7.78. Needless to say, We’re ecstatic with that performance. No one saw that coming. It’s only a 540 with 325 heads.

I haven’t tuned on it a bit yet and still haven’t turned on the high speed lean yet. I’ll try that the next time I take it to a quarter mile track.

I haven’t once changed a pill or nozzle size. I ordered a racepac with 8 EGT’s but don’t have it in yet.

I’ll keep you up to date. Tell Toni what I said. Both you and her are so knowledgeable on this alky stuff. You’ve helped me so much with this set up. I swear, I haven’t touched a thing on the motor since It started except change the oil and there wasn’t anything wrong with that. I just did it because it’s a new motor.

Love you guys.

Pro Mod 1st Place Winner at the Lucas Oil “Showdown in San Angelo”


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1966 Corvette Stingray – street driven
Full chromoly tube chassis
Chromoly sheet metal rear 4 link housing

Engine :

  • 447 CI BBC full roller motor
  • Brodix BB2 Extra heads
  • Ross pistons
  • Comp cams
  • Crower lifters
  • Scat h-beam rods
  • Forged crank
  • 8-71 Littlefield stage 4 blower

Fuel System  :- Hilborn 4 port (mechanical) & PG150c-1 pump- by Alkydigger

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City: PA

Brief description of car:  Vintage 77 monza F/C

Fuel System:   Blown Fuel . Bird hat Inj 671 mooney ham

Size and type of engine:  500 ci BBC Bowtie iron block /Lenco Trans


City:  Mohntown, PA

Brief description of car:  1959 LYNDWOOD WELD CAR


Size and type of engine:   SBC 383, STEEL DART HEADS, PAN CRANK.

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City: Rockford, IL

Brief description of car: 1957 Chevrolet 2 Door Hardtop named, “The Lady In Black”

Fuel System: Crower Mechanical Stack Injection on Alcohol

Size and type of engine: 565 Big Block Chevrolet

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