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Lansing, Michigan

Description: A tribute to Oldsmobile 1958 Olds Fiesta wagon featuring all of the pedformance bells and whistes available from Oldsmobile between 1957 and 1970 ( my performance years) 2 engines, 1957 solid lifter J2 tripower N.A.S.C.A.R 371c.i. up front, 1969 Toronalo drive cradle w / 455 c.i. and a W30 / L69 tripower in the rear. Original 1958 factory air ride suspension. Front motor has a Spaulding flamethrower ignition, headers with drag fast collectors and flame throwers. 3 sp. manual trans and a Foxcraft floor shifter. The rear half of the roof opens to 45 degrees and is removeable for rear drivetrain maintenance

Fuel System Type: gasoline

Size and Type of Engine: 371 and 455 Oldsmobiles

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Description: 1963 Front Engine Dragster

Fuel System Type: Hilborn Alky Injection

Size and Type of Engine: 406 SBC

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Pearl River, NY

Description:  23 T-Bucket

Fuel System Type: 2 750 carters

Size and Type of Engine: 1958 blown Hemi

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Littlestown, PA

Description: original 1939 Studebaker gasser, raced from 1962 to 1966

Fuel System Type: 1965 Hilborn fuel injection set up by Alky digger. hilborn fuel pump and moon tank

Size and Type of Engine: 1964 327 chevy bored 30 over, set of early corvette double hump heads with 202 valves

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Pleasanton, KS

Description: 1965 Impala drag race about 4000Lbs with driver built for our local sportsman bracket class. Best time so far is 11.13 seconds in the quarter mile 7.07 seconds in the eighth

Fuel System Type: Edelbrock tunnel ram with 2 Holley 600 throttle bodies set so that all 8 barrels open at the same time. All throttle venturis bored out to 1&9/16″ same as the butterflies.
Hilborn nozzels, pump, and barrel valve. Running on E-85.

Size and Type of Engine: 388 small block chevy

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Bugtussel, TX

Description: 1983 Sanger Hydro

Fuel System Type: Crower injector, Hilborn pump, Enderle drive

Size and Type of Engine: 505 c.i. chev based, Crower valve train, AFR cyc. heads, Casale drive

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Stoneville, NC

Description: 23 t bucket…sbc powered.

Size and Type of Engine: 327 crate…bored 40over…weiand 8-71 blower….voodoo cam…

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Sugar Hill, GA

Description: 1963 Hairy Glass body, S&W frame, ford 9″ 4.30 gear, four link, rack & pinion, front coil overs, 4 wheel disc brakes. Digital gauges & tach. G force belts and window net. DJ parachute. Five speed Lenco, Ram clutch, PP and flywheel.

Fuel System Type: Enderle stack injection from Alkydigger, conversion to EFI by Fox Engineering

Size and Type of Engine: 609 tall deck BBC, Dart 360 heads with 2.30 and 1.90 valves, custom Bullet roller cam, Mallory Pro Billet, MSD Digital 7 bo, Jesel belt drive

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City: Ringgold, GA

Brief description of car: 1937 Fiat Topolino Nostalgia Comp 125 in Murf McKinney chassis.4 link 9 in 430 gear

Fuel System: Hilborn with Hilborn cam pump

Size and type of engine: 355 sb chevy 13.1 JE pistons Eagle rods Custom made Eldebrock heads,2.18 valves.offset roller lifters and rockers.Built by Dynaflow in Las Vegas Nv

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