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City:  Pacifica, CA

Brief description of car:  1966 Kain Midget

Fuel System:  Member of Bay Cities Racing Association (BCRA) Vintage Division
Direct Drive In-Out Box, Halibrand Midget Quick Change Rear End

Size and type of engine:   Chevy 2 Engine, 153 CID
John DeLong Roller Cam
Ansen Timing Cover

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City:  Harriman, TN

Brief description of car:  All original Anglia gasser built in 69 and raced through 74. Stored until 2016.

Fuel System:  Original Hilborn mechanical injection. Hilborn fuel pump and hilborn fuel filter

Size and type of engine:   241 cu Dodge Hemi 11.5 to 1 Jahns pistons Crower roller camshaft

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City:  Boise, Idaho

Brief description of car:  37 Fiat NE1 car …The UNRULY One… 106wb chassis built by Ron Austin Race Cars .. crazy paint work by Lonny Shepherd at Custom Paint and Design ..looking to run 7.60 deal this real and this winter make some changes and put a little pop in it and tickle the 6s .. thanks to Mike at Alkydigger for all you help and answered questions!!!!

Fuel System:  Tunnel ram with a Hilborn 4 port all set up by Mike !!! Thanks !!

Size and type of engine:   All Aluminum SBC 400” with 18 degree heads and it’s hooked to a power glide trans !!

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City:  Mantua

Brief description of car:  1993 Ford Mustang GT

Fuel System:  Enderle Mechanical Injection

Size and type of engine:   Boss 302 with Brodix Heads

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City:  Norman Park

Brief description of car: 1968 fed

Size and type of engine:   468 BBc

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City:  New Jersey

Brief description of car: ’70 Ed Maybry 180″ , Tom Martino Race Engines Alkydiggers components. Lots of fun!!
Running with East Coast Fuelers

Fuel System:  Enderle 80 pump, Moonyham 671 Magnesium blower

Size and type of engine:   355 Small block Chevy

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City:  Berlin Center

Brief description of car: 68 Ford Torino GT

Fuel System:  Blown Alcohol with a Bird Catcher Injection System

Size and type of engine:   510 Big block Ford

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City:  Gillespie, IL

Brief description of car: 1962 Rambler American. 414 sbc. Belong to the group Nostalgia Gassers Racing Association, Inc.

Fuel System:  Hilborn fuel injection. Mike recondition the unit

Size and type of engine:   414 sbc

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City:  Muscle Shoals ,Alabama

Brief description of car:  187″ Foy Gilmore chassis , 468″ Chevy, Brodix BB2plus heads Crower 3″ Stack Injection by Alkydigger. PowerGlide trans by Ed Bendall , 5000 stall convert by PTC Kenny Ford personally built. 83/4 Chrysler reared,

Fuel System:  Methanol fuel, Enderle 80A-1 pump

Size and type of engine:   468 Chevy

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City:  Mohave Valley

Brief description of car:  well its not a car but per Mikes request here is what it is-
its a full scale replica of a 1/4 scale Crackerbox i built years ago that was world and national champion- It was so fast that i broke / records at 2 different lakes that were faster tgan the Hydro class- i’m laughing thinking back they wouldn’t give me the record because they said there had to be a mistake there was no way of crackerbox was faster than a Hydro so I did it again – Specs are – 16 ft 7 inches with 12 inch plates – 5/8 runner bottom with srepped outter chines and 1/4 inch step in the botton – hull also has a 3/4 inch V – i made the plug- molds and the first 2 hulls are all carbon fiber- kevlar and mat where necessary for bonding needs- – full stringers nose to stern- outboard steering – strut will come off transom as well
massive skeg(sharkstooth) and 2 turning fins

Fuel System:  Alkydiggers has provided all the injection system and Mike did all the work calibrating as i had no idea- this is my first motor on alcohol- Enderle Birdcatcher and cam driven fuel and water pump

Size and type of engine:  454 Chevy standard bore – all forged bottom end – 990 square port heads extensively ported polished and bowls blended
2..300 intake and 1.940 exh
intake CCs at 385, static compression is 9.3 to 1 – roller rockers – solid roller Crower Cam with .712 lift custom ground for my application- Milodon Gear drive – 2 1/4 inch stainless Zoomies i made to what i like –
still need to save up for interior- ignition system- and gear drive
this would be soo much easier if i did not ha e a job and if i was Rich!!!

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